Change Version: UTHM 2022 Email Notification

This page is a new look for the previous Zimbra email alert pages.
This website will be used to inform UTHM staff and students of the latest information related to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.
It is hoped that all staff and students to take note and the necessary actions for the best Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 user experience.

Important Notification!

Dear UTHM staff and students, there are some notifications to be conveyed to you to update your Google account.
Please read carefully.

(Last updated: 31/07/2022)


Google has given the latest update where the distributed data storage plan is only 100 TB and will be shared by all UTHM residents through the Google Workspace for Fundamentals license. Therefore, some modifications/reviews/audits need to be done by the owner of the account themselves, especially the use of Google Drive to ensure that your data storage processes are not a problem. After this, UTHM will limit and monitor the use of storage by UTHM residents. So, please read the message below to make sure your Google account runs smoothly:

Storage Management:
  1. Keep the files in your Google account up -to -date.
  2. Remove all files you no longer use.
  3. If there are important videos or files, transfer them to another medium such as Youtube and so on.
  4. Move rarely open files in Drive, Gmail, and Photos to your local storage.

Ethics & Professionalism:

  1. Do not share confidential information.
  2. Do not download or submit malicious software.
  3. Do not filter domains from UTHM into your 'spam'.
  4. Don't copy someone else's work.
  5. Do not download or share any copyrighted material.
  6. Be an ethical staff by not posting personal photos, videos to your professional account.
  7. Don't store unnecessary email or junk that could reduce the size of your email/storage.
  8. Don't upload/share non -work -related files like your family photos or videos.
  9. Instead, use for confidential files related to your work.

The importance of doing ‘Housekeeping’ in Cloud storage
‘Housekeeping’ is the process of tidying up your cloud storage. It provides space and helps you manage incoming email more efficiently and it is important for the allocation of your file space.
Read Article & Guides to see the full guidelines.

UTHM Email Usage Policy and Law
Read at this page.