Disclaimer/Compliance with UTHM email usage.
Disclaimer/Compliance with Google for higher education email services and other services bundled together with it is applicable to all UTHM staff and is used in conjunction with the guidelines, circulars and laws of the Government of Malaysia for the use of electronic mail and internet . Therefore, all staff are subject to the law and can be prosecuted for any violation.
  i.Google disclaimer, terms and conditions
  ii.Public Administration Development Circulars
Garispanduan mengenai tatacara penggunaan internet dan mel elektronik di agensi-agensi kerajaan.
  iii.Order letter by the Director General of MAMPU
Langkah-langkah pemantapan perlaksanaan sistem mel elektronik di agensi-agensi kerajaan.
  iv.Order letter by the Director General of MAMPU
Pemantapan penggunaan dan pengurusan emel di agensi-agensi kerajaan.
  v. Information from the Public Services Department
Kesalahan mendedahkan /membocorkan dokumen/maklumat terperingkat kerajaan
  vi.UTHM ICT User Security And Ethics Policy.
(sub topic 12.0 Keselamatan Rangkaian Dan Komunikasi / Pengurusan Keselamatan Komunikasi - 12.3 Mesej Elektronik)
* Warning! Google (for sure) and the admin of the domain uthm.edu.my (if required or directed by the authorities) can view and read the contents of gmail (receive and send) and the documents and files you place or create in the G-suite and Google Cloud Storage. All staff are responsible for everything written, transmitted, stored and shared through public cloud services by third parties such as Google.
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** PTM cannot guarantee that the email transfer process from Zimbra will be 100% successful.